1 04.12.2015 Rosa Brighid Feature

When I first saw Rosa it was an image with her identical twin. Wow, was the initial response, I'd love to shoot with them. Unfortunately no sooner did I think this, they both disappeared! Thankfully, around a year later, Rosa appeared back on the scene with initially some strong images that fueled my interest in shooting with her again. As if by magic I got a request from Rosa asking if I'd like to shoot with her, needless to say it was a fairly quick 'yes' reply!.

0 11.12.2014 A New Start

It's been a long time coming but I've finally updated my website to a more modern design that has a responsive template so it looks good whether you're using a large monitor or tiny mobile device :)

0 03.12.2014 References

Rosa Brighid said...

I was super fortunate to have my fourth shoot with Terry very recently. He travelled all the way down from Colchester to Devon to work with me. We set out for a very adventurous and inspiring two-day shoot combining beach and dartmoor. Terry's pre comms are faultess, and considering he didn't know the area very well, his planning was absolutely spon on, and he made sure we had some interesting locations to go too, even researching the tide times as well. Terry is extremely focused and seeks the best in every shot. We worked as a great team to scout the locations and make the best of each set. The weather conditions were extremely unpredictable, but two very early starts didn't dampen our spirit. I am thrilled with the results and still to this day I am so glad I contacted him for our first shoot in 2014! I absolutely love working with Terry. Each shoot is unique, inspiring and is up there with my most memorable shoots for sure. Super excited to see the final results, but good things come to those who wait. Terry is an amazing person inside and out. Thanks for such a great two-days ♥


Amie Boulton said...

Terry has been at the top of my want to work with list for a while now so, when i received a message with the offer of an on the cuff shoot as he was in the area i jumped at the chance. We didnt have a great deal of time to make big plans for the shoot as it was only 2 days later however, Terry's comms were spot on. We managed to brief on styles of clothing and decided to scout a couple of local locations during the shoot. Terry knows exactly what he wants from every shot his photography is second to none but this is totally evident in his port but along with this....what you dont see is he is a really genuine guy with no ayres and graces and easy to get along with. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and would without a doubt recommend Terry to any model who is lucky enough to get the chance to work with him

Thanks for a super day Smile


SophiaBlake said...

Finally got to work with Terry last week when he came down to Manchester for the night. We had a chilled shoot with good music and did lots of different ideas and themes and got some beautiful images! Looking forward to seeing the edits and working together in the future!

Highly recommended!!


Vanessa Sicre said...

Terry has epic skills as an art nude photographer, and is pretty good at post production skills, but we decided to shoot more challenging stuff for both of us, that included the use of a pink dog, glitter and a puffy white dress, though not all at once!

He was professional throughout, and even though things didn't work out as planned with the dark birds, the pink dog shot was awesome, so funny!

Hope to shoot some more classical art nude stuff with him next time, which is more within my 'familiarity zone', though still challenging - but in a different way (:

katie Anna said...

I had my first shoot with terry at the weekend and he is one very talented photographer !


We had lots of fun shooting different styles and the images we produced were fab .


Such a nice person who is great to get along with.


Can't wait to see the results


Highly recommended !


Katie Anna


I had my first shoot with this lovely man!! Big smile

Terry is very professional and friendly.

He is a joy to work with and we have created great images together. Smile

Would love to work with him again! Big smile

Many thanks,

Misha Wink


Jezebelle said...

Wow, what can I say about Terry that hasn't already been said???

This dude is officially EPIC!!

I was over the moon when he replied to me regarding a potential shoot, the ideas he came up with sounded amazing and they were indeed, as well as so very fun to act out....

It's safe to say that I got very messy, I got covered in at least 3 things, but HELL the images look stunning - Terry has the most deft way of capturing the most of perfect angles & details, he's the best director I've worked with, knowing exactly what he wanted and fluidly moved between natural light & studio lighting like it was second nature!

He is one of the best photographers I've ever had the honour of working with, that along with his wonderful personality and that dry sense of humour, makes him one of the most fun to work with - I can't recommend this mindblowing individual enough to all, he is just so awesomely epic Smile I do hope to work with him again Wink

Em xx


Nicole Rayner said...

Terry and I shot together all day yesterday - it was indeed a great shoot!! Terry had great pre comms - very efficient!


He kindly picked me up from the station very late on Saturday evening as I travelled from York after a day's shooting. He also put me up for the night which was very good of him!


On our shoot Terry came very prepared with some specific ideas of things he wanted to do! But we also went freestyle for a lot of the shoot and decided together what we'd do which paid off as we got lots of really great sets done! All very different all with the wow factor!


He was also very prepared with what he brought - as whatever we needed Terry had!!


He is a very talented photographer who has great knowledge of lighting - but very different stuff! He is not a one trick poney but an all rounder as everything Terry produces is of a great standard.


I gradually got to k is Terry throughly the shoot, and he is a very genuine nice guy! He was respectful throughout and our day was very relaxed! I'm so excited to see what he does with the images! They looked great on the back of the camera but Terry told me about some really exciting ideas so I'm looking forward to seeing them come to light!


Thanks for a great shoot Terry! I'd highly recommend working with this great photographer!


After fan-girling for quite some time, I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of shooting with Terry over the course of three days in Venice and thoroughly enjoyed my time working with him!


Terry was very efficient in communicating prior to the shoot and kept me up to speed on our arrangements in travelling to Venice (as we had initially planned to shoot locally) which certainly put me at ease and demonstrated to me that he conducts himself in a professional manner.


Terry came well prepared for our shoot and thoughtfully had brought along additional accessories and clothing and was well organised. During our time shooting, I appreciated Terry's relaxed approach, he remained professional at all times, gave good direction and utilised his environment as best he could.

Given that this was my first time working (and travelling) with Terry, I would say that his chilled-out nature and kind soul quickly set aside my nerves and I honestly couldn't fault him if I tried!


We had a quick flick through of some of the images together after shooting and true to form, Terry nailed it and I was very pleased with the results.


As I mentioned before Terry really is a genuinely, lovely man and I hope that I get the opportunity to work with him again in the near future.


Ifa Brand said...

Terry had been on my list for ages and finally after enough stalking I had the pleasure of shooting with him last weekend.


We shot an amazing amount of different sets all in one day. Terry is very quick in handling the lights, comes up with ideas very quickly which made the day fly by. We went from set to set with chats and breaks in between and it was a very relaxed atmosphere throughout the shoot.


Terry also offered me accommodation and made sure I had everything I needed including homemade pizza and Ben&Jerry's ice cream so how could I possibly say something bad about this man? Wink


I already had a browse through the unedited shots and, what I was expecting, came true: great results. Can't wait to show them off in my portfolio. AND to shoot with him again next time I'm in the UK.



So if you want a relaxed creative shoot, great results and a lovely photographer/person... this is it.


Thank you for our shoot!



Helen Diaz said...

I was very lucky to work with the amazing Terry on a recent tour and had such a fantastic all day shoot together, shooting a mixture of portraiture to art nudes at The Loft Studio!


Terry is such an awesome photographer- an opposite to me in that he is much quieter (but I think most people are in comparison! Sticking out tongue ) However I soon broke him by the second half of the day with my terrible humour! Smile We had plenty of refreshments and breaks also which was very appreciated and the day was full of laughter and great banter!


Terrys lighting is fabulous and he arrived very organised with lots of props and accessories to boot. Terry was professional, considerate and patient to work with, especialley as I was quite tired near the end of my trip- by the second half of the day I was buzzing with coffee!


We also experimented with Treacle (!) which I really wanted to try to photograph for the last hour or so of the day, which was GREAT fun...messy but fun! I absolutely loved the photos and cant wait to see them! Thankyou for such a lovely memorable day and if you ever need a muse, just drop me an email Smile Highly recommeneded, Helen x



Erika Zami said...

I just realized I forgot to write a reference! I had a shoot with Terry few weeks ago and our shoot reached all my expectations! Such an amazing photographer! If all honest, I did imagine him being as energised as Ayla, so was a bit surprised that he wasn't, haha. But he is so professional, so welcoming and friendly, a real Pro, in this case - KING, I would say.

I had a really great time shooting with Terry and I do hope I'll have a shoot with him again in the future. And he offered a super delicious coffee too. I love coffee so that's really important to me, haha. Anyway, highly recommended, you HAVE to shoot with him in your modelling carrier. It's a MUST!


Cara Marshall said...

Quick Last Minute Shoot With Terry Yesterday, I love his work and wanted to get the chance to work with him for a while so couldn't miss the opportunity, Terry's such a professional with lots of experience, made me feel really comfortable, very talented guy can't wait to see the images they looked great on camera, would definitely work with him again highly recommended


0 03.12.2014 My History

I've always dabbled with photography since a kid, I'd always take along my little 110 film camera with me on days out. At college I got my first 35mm and set up a little darkroom and I'd go out on my bike and take shots of just about anything. Getting a job kind of nailed photography on the head for a good number of years and it wasn't until quality DSLRs came out at a reasonable price that I got my first Nikon D70. For a few years I took it a bit more seriously, always trying to get the best shot possible but people were always avoided! Always tended to be landscape and architecture and limited travelling meant I got pretty bored shooting and I kind of became a bit of a gamer addict for a few years :)

2011) This was the turning point for me. I think I'd upgraded my camera to the Nikon D90 but I still wasn't sure what to shoot. I just happened to see a little advert on Facebook advertising a local camera club in London saying anyone was welcome to turn up. When I did turn up I was  surprised by what a welcoming bunch they were and I really enjoyed shooting around the nature reserve that we'd met at. Just before leaving someone told me about a professional photographer who was starting a meetup group. At this point I'd never heard of meetup.com but looking into it I found a wealth of camera shoots that I could attend, most being in London. I started going to the recommended group which set tasks around London and you were given a few hours to shoot and then the host of the group would rate three of your images as though he was the client and you were providing your work to him. The format of the shoot really brought out my creativity so rather than just shooting things I was used to I was being set a task that I had to meet. After doing this a few months I felt that I wanted to try something that I'd never done before...shooting people! I had another look on the meetup.com site and found a London studio with professional model for £45 for an hour. I had no idea that model photography was within my price range to do, I always imagined it was a professional or camera club only area. The plan would of been to start with basic portrait shoots and work my confidence up to doing something like art nude but the first shoot was an art nude shoot so at that price I decided to jump in at the deep end. The results I got from the studio really surprised me, the images were so sharp and clear and to top it off the model was so impressed with one of my shots that she used it on her portfolio, not a bad compliment for my first studio shoot :) So, that got me interested in more studio and model shoots so I continued to do some group shoots and the occasional one-to-one shoot.

2012) Up until now all the shoots were arrange by someone else, it was time to take the leap into arranging everything myself; booking the model, studio, coming up with a concept and handling the lighting. I had found an amazing model that I wanted to work with and when I approached her she gave me a link to her gallery. While viewing it I saw the original inspiration shot that I had used on my very first shoot! It was destiny, I had to shoot with this model! The model was Zoi (see www.dreamingofzoi.com) and fortunately for me she agreed to the shoot. So there was I, my first solo shoot almost exactly a year after my first studio shoot and I was shooting with the model that had inspired me on my very first shoot. Pretty cool :) I only got a few shots that I used on that shoot but they did me very well and got a lot of interest and features on various sites and set me off on my solo path.

2013) I had set myself a new years resolution to try and get published and to shoot some males... Most of my shoots were in London which was adding a lot of fuel costs to shoots, what I really needed was a local studio which at the time there was a serious lack of. But then a bit of fortunate luck as a local photographer who'd seen my work on Flickr told me he was setting up a studio just 10 minutes away. Not only did this studio turn out to be close but also one of the best studios I'd been to, lots of space and a really comfortable homely feel to it which helps bring out your creative side. By the end of the year I'd reached my goals with a few male shoot under my belt and also a few publication, including a full page in Bizarre which was very cool to see. 

2014) This was going to be the year to push myself a bit harder and I started doing a lot more TF (=collaboration) shoots. I probably ended up doing too much work which took away a little bit of the enjoyment of shooting. I was still enjoying it but no matter how much I like something I'll end up getting a little bored unless I can change things up a little and having no free time was throwing a bit of a spanner in the works.

2015) The plan at the moment is to slow down shooting and be more about quality than quantity. When I look at what I've done over the last few years I'm really happy with my progression and hope that I can continue to improve year on year. I'd like to be able to grow in popularity so that more people can appreciate my work. Although I really only shoot for myself it's always nice to know that your work is being appreciated by others. Being able to sell some work and get more publications would be cool so we'll see how it goes .....

2016) Instagram has taken off a lot more with more interested models inquiring from it. The big change has been that I've finally made the change to full sized sensor and in doing so I've moved from Nikon to Sony. I've never been one for upgrading equipment and think it's far more important to take great shots with what you've got before spending even more money. But after 5 years of using a crop sensor it's finally time for a change.

2017) I've noticed more of a shift in the way I work which is down to my Sony camera. Seeing as it's much better at low light (with a large dynamic range) and built in image stabilisation, it means I'm shooting much more natural light which lends itself more to boudoir style that I've been shooting more of. Also Instagram is becoming much more of a source for models than the usual model portfolio sites. So I've notched up some different countries now from travelling models; Canada, America x2, Japan, Germany and Africa. Also been travelling more myself over the last year and have travelled over the UK a little and abroad with Venice and Iceland.

0 02.12.2014 Welcome

Specialising in Art Nude, Beauty and Conceptual photography based in Colchester, Essex, UK

KingHi! My name is Terry King and I'm a computer programmer by profession with photography as my main hobby. I've been mainly doing model photography since 2011 and I'm still learning everytime I shoot. I'm a perfectionist and love to push myself and continue to grow. I tend to get bored specialising in one particular genre so will often go through phases of working on a particular genre before moving onto something else. Until 2015 I've mainly been learning and building up the best portfolio that I can, going forward I'm hoping to be able to grow more and get more work published and push my name through social media more.

If I can get to the stage where I can exhibit and sell work and get more work published then I'll be a happy man :D

Please check out my site with the drop down menu above, or go straight to my GalleryBlog or Articles. Return back here to the main page by clicking on my logo or selecting 'About Me'.

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