0 24.02.2017 Dominique Zuniga - The shoot that almost never happened

I was contacted on instagram by American travelling artist/model Dominique Zuniga who had seen some of my work I had done with Minh-Ly (A Canadian model) and wondered if I would work on something with her while she was in London.

0 27.09.2016 Arielle Fox

Since I started model photography someone that I'd been following was Arielle 'Jammy' Fox and always enjoyed seeing her work. Recently I was fortunate enough to get to work with her :)

0 19.08.2016 Gold & Silver

Bodypainting with gold and silver paint.

0 21.11.2015 Beltcraft Studio with Elle and Gem

I don't normally go for model studio days but when I heard that Elle Beth and Gemma Huh were doing one together at a cool London studio I jumped at the chance.

0 18.07.2016 Published Work

I've had some work published in print and digital magazine but until now it's been from the model submitting images that I've taken. A number of months ago I finally did my first proper magazine submission to Volo magazine and thankfully they accepted.

0 18.08.2016 Latest

Instagram has proved itself to be my best social media network, or at least the only useful social network! I've made contact with photographers and models wanting to work with me, chatted with interesting people all over the world, got enquires about magazine submissions and enquires about prints. Recently I've sold a few images to someone in Shanghai for their champagne lounge and was pleasantly surprised to receive a nice image of the final image on their wall. And it was HUGE! At around 3m wide and a gold gilded frame it looks like something you'd see in a classical art gallery. Very pleased to see my work being appreciated at such a scale. Hopefully in time I'll get more of my work in more public places. Although what I do it primarily hobby driven it's important to me that people like what they see :)

Currently in VOLO magazine #39 with a beach set taken summer 2015 of Ayla Rose near Barcelona :)

0 17.08.2016 Beauty Portfolio

A selection of my favourite beauty photography from 2011 to current day.

0 02.08.2016 Bokeh Panoramics

Creating wide area shallow depth of field shots using the Brenizer Method.

0 16.12.2015 Gelled Nudes

Art nude study with coloured gels.

0 14.12.2015 Abstract Heights

Virtual props created in Cinema 4D.

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